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You Are Not Alone

It's been nearly 21 years since I found myself so riddled with anxiety that I holed myself up in my home for 9 months.  I was so debilitated by my fear to leave that it seemed safer, albeit not rational, to stay in.  You see, when you have panic attacks, they seem so real.  So real in fact, that your heart can start racing (literally), your vision can get narrow (like you are going to faint), it can be difficult to take in full breaths (like there is a heavy weight on your chest), and you can feel like you are separate from your body.  At least that was my experience.

It didn't happen overnight, being afraid to leave my home. It happened gradually, like most things in our life; so gradual, that you aren't even aware that it is happening until one day there it is. You wake up 5, 10, 20 years later, and wonder how you ended up in this career or relationship that has little to nothing to do with the hopes and dreams you had when you were younger. While you can trace the path that led to your current circumstances, it is difficult to understand why you made the decisions you did that led to this life. And I want you to know that you are not alone.

I think most people believe that experiences like stress, anxiety, and overwhelm, are situational, based on the circumstances at the present moment. They believe that once the "problem" that is causing the stress, anxiety, and overwhelm is resolved, then these experiences will go away. I do not agree. While the current "problem" will likely resolve itself relatively quickly (I say relatively because wouldn't we all like them to be gone immediately? Or for that matter never happen?), experiences of stress, anxiety, and overwhelm are internal and specific to you. So while they may seem to go away after the "problem" is resolved, actually, they are just latent until the next "problem" comes around.

This is not because it is a cruel world that we live in. These challenges that come up in our life are for the benefit of our healing and growth. I believe that this is the reason we are here, to heal and grow. Ultimately it is to evolve into the greatest version of ourselves, reach our greatest potential, and share the thing you are perfectly slated to share with this world based on your unique history, talents, and personality.

The thing that I am uniquely designed to bring to this world is helping people understand what is causing their experiences of anxiety, overwhelm, and stress, teaching them strategies to heal and grow from them, so that they can have the predominant experience of joy in their life, starting now! If you are ready to learn why, stop experiencing anxiety, stress, and overwhelm regularly, I am here for you. Let's chat next week and see about getting you on your path to relief. What works for you?
Peace, Erin "here to teach calm, peace of mind, and meaning" Mac

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