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The Seemingly Uninvited Guest

Not so long ago, maybe  four years or so, I was asleep in my life.  I didn't know it because I was just following what everyone and everything I had known was telling me, "you will be happy when you have the car, the house, the marriage, the success, the kids, etc."  So, I sought those things out and while I had moments of happiness, where I crossed that finish line (literally and figuratively), they were just moments. 

I didn't realize that this life is spectacular in all moments, not just the moments that make memories or when I was not working or when I was on vacation.  (Actually, who am I kidding, while I owned my old business, it actually "owned" me! There was no vacation or time off!  You probably can't relate ;) )  I was so busy working, solving problems, filling my schedule, over thinking, and stressing out to realize that I really wasn't having much of a life at all.  It wasn't my fault, I didn't know any better, but I do now.

See, our whole lives we are trained not to feel, to fear feeling, to cover it up. It starts at a young age, you fall and skin your knee and the adults in your life say, "It's okay, don't cry." Seems innocent enough, but the message gets drilled in so much that we spend the majority of our lives finding ways not to feel (drugs, alcohol, being too busy, over exercising, complaining, making up stories about others, etc.). And, wouldn't you know it, feeling is actually the way to freedom.  In fact, when I work with clients the first step is learning emotional awareness, literally what feelings are and recognizing when you are having them.  

I do this because experiences like stress, anxiety and overwhelm are not emotions, they are an experience based on emotions from the past that we are projecting into a predictable future because we are not aware. When we can learn what these emotions are and what causes them to fire, then you can heal and grow from them. Until you heal and grow from them, they will continue to keep visiting you, likely uninvited, and seemingly without your control. That can end today. Let's have a chat so I can teach you how to never have a bad day again. What looks good next week?
Peace, Erin "every day is a good day" Mac

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