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Staying Still, For Now

I may have mentioned that I recently moved?  One of the things that is great about moving is that you are often forced to be in the present moment because you don't know where you are going, or even where you are at.  Also, everything is new to you and that can seem exciting for some and confusing and overwhelming for others.  I am no slouch at moving.  My stepmom told me that I moved 11 times in 10 years between my mother and father's home as a child! As an adult I have moved to eight different states from age 20-51, with the bulk of my time being spent in Hawaii (17 years).

So, how come I moved so much?  

Well, I moved so much because I thought that if I moved I would feel better.  I thought that if I moved my problems would go away, I wouldn't be stressed, I wouldn't have to deal with traffic, parking tickets (its a San Francisco thing), crowds, high cost of living, my ex husband/boyfriend, and on and on.  Ultimately, I thought that I could move away from feeling lost, stressed, overwhelmed and having anxiety.  I thought that if the traffic went away that I would live a simpler life and not get triggered by the cause of my stressors.  Come to find out I was the cause of my stressors, not the traffic.  Come to find out that I can make even paradise (Hawaii) stressful!  Come to find out I can create stress/anxiety/overwhelm in any and every situation.  Maybe you can relate?

This time, however, I moved because I was called to.  What does that mean?  It means that I stopped trying to figure everything out and just listened.  Listened to what, you say?  Well, I listened to my inner knowing.  I got quiet and I asked for what I wanted and I waited for a sign.  I set my intention on what I wanted and I waited.  Patience has not been my strong suit, ever, however, this time I made a decision that I would not force, manipulate, or cajole the outcome I wanted I would just wait for it to show up.  And, it did and it was not what I thought, and I just knew that it was right!

Now, some may get confused by the message here and think that I am saying to do nothing.  Well, kind of.  What I am saying is that all the action-taking and the trouble-shooting we do and the pre-planning to get it right the first time, not make a mistake, and pretend that we know what the outcome is doesn't help. All this does is create resistance and resistance is the thing that delays what we want showing up.  It is us over-thinking and trying to get it right the first time that stops or slows down the flow of us getting what we want!

Lately, I take inspiration from these birds that I see on the lake by my new home.  They are just average sized birds and yet I watch them each day walk on top of lily pads as though they are solid ground.  It is astounding to me.  They walk across and stick their beaks in between the plants searching for food.  I look at them and I say to myself, "I want to be as light as these birds that are walking on the lily pads in all areas of my life.  I want to be able to let go of the resistance I have to needing to know the answers, wanting everything to be here, now.  I want to experience the kind of freedom where I literally watch my life unfold before me, without judgement, without need, without want, and with intention."

Would you like to learn how to allow life to unfold before you, rather than pushing, forcing or manipulating it?  Would you like to learn to slow down and enjoy your life and still call into it all that you want?  I love teaching these kinds of tools and helping people find fulfillment and purpose.  If this sounds like something you would like to know more about, let's hop on a call next week.
Erin "light as the birds" Mac

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