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Shift To Positive Momentum Quickly

The juicy listening that I did this week was about how to get positive momentum, especially when you are not feeling like the happenings in your life are positive.  Ex.  He/she's left me, with nothing, and even took the dog, I don't like my job it's not fulfilling or meaningful, my kids are acting up, my elderly parents are stubborn, my friends aren't responsive or wanting to hang out.  Sounds like some good material for a country tune!  I digress.

So, what do you do?  Rather than get mired in the details of all the things that aren't going as planned, think broader, more general, and about the things that are going well.  It is far too big of a gap to bridge to go from stuck down in it, to appreciation or gratitude.  I, too, believe that gratitude is the ticket, however, when you are in the midst of all things not working out to go from there to feeling good is too far a distance.

So what you want to do is to start with the things that are working out: shelter, food, a bed, bed covers, a pillow, a good night's sleep, heat or fans or air conditioning, running water, a toilet, water to drink, a car or transportation, nature, the bird cawing (that's what's happening real time), and on and on we can go.  Try this now, list off all the things going right in your reality right now (I'll wait).  I feel better almost immediately and the momentum continues to go.  How do you feel?

We are the one's that create the thoughts and emotional experiences and this exercise of listing the things going right is a great way to get intentional about your thoughts and emotions.  I believe that we are so habitual in thought that we don't even realize what they are until they feel so bad they get our attention.  I heard this: "when we go to the grocery store and we are at the check out counter the thoughts that are predominantly thought are about the money going out vs. the quality of food you are leaving with.  I think this is a game changer!  

Does this make you wonder how aware you are of your thoughts and emotions?  This is the predominant work that I do with clients, discover what is tripping you up from realizing your full potential by getting aware of what is going on in that noggin of yours.  And, doing it in a fun and interesting way.  Does that sound like something you would like to know?  Let's have a chat and discuss how you can predominantly experience positive momentum.  What works for you next week?
Erin "now focused on the groceries" Mac

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