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Out of The Problem-Solution Cycle

Maybe you can relate?  For years, when I was running my business, it felt like all I did was troubleshoot problems all day.  And, I got darn good at it.  However, it would really burn me out some days, actually a lot of days.  When I think back to that business it seems like mostly all I can remember is getting problem after problem and finding solution after solution.  Seems like business as usual, right?

Unfortunately, even though I was coming up with solution after solution, it really stressed me out.  So how come I didn't do something about that experience?  I didn't change it because I thought that is the way it was supposed to be.  A problem arises, you come up with a solution, and then you move on to the next problem.  Isn't that what we are taught to do, find a solution to all our problems?  I'm pretty sure that is all I thought this life was about.

While it is true that there are challenges in this life, they are not meant to be all that life is.  They are not meant to be the focus of this life.  This life is beautiful and meaningful and that is meant to be your predominant experience.  You are meant to be enjoying your life now, and almost exclusively.  If that is not the experience you are having, let's connect next week and see what we can sort out.
Erin "living in meaningful beauty" Mac

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