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Ever catch yourself wondering why we are here?  Is it just to bump up against challenges?  Work a lot?  Create memories?  Do the same things over and over again, day in and day out?  Amass things (car, house, relationships, toys)?  Do you wonder if there is more to this life?  

Good news, bad news is that the answer is YES to all of the above. Or, at least, sort of. And, the other good news is, there is no bad news.

You may be thinking, what the .... is she talking about? This life is about bumping up against challenges, but not so much in the way we do, by being in reaction to people and situations. In my work with clients and in my courses I explain what this whole mess I'm talking about is and how it is all rigged in our favor.

Would you like to learn more about why we are here? What we are meant to be doing? And, how to be calm, have peace of mind and meaning in your life? Let me know when you have time this week to have a quick chat so I can answer these questions, I promise it will be, in the least, interesting!

Peace, Erin "there is no bad news" Mac

P.S.  Outlook is sunny, regardless of what happens with the groundhog!

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