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Mutant Message Down Under

When I was 25 I was living in San Francisco and going to college.  I was going through a break up and my dad came down from Seattle to make sure I was okay. We had a great visit and as he was getting ready to say good bye, he handed me a book.  The book was called, "Mutant Message Down Under."  I believe it even had that fake alien looking face on the cover?  I will have to go back and look now, but that's how I remember it.

Anyway, based on the title and the cover I really had no idea why he gave me the book and what it could possibly be about. I think maybe I thought area 51?  It wasn't.  As it turns out this book is about a reporter that goes to Australia to interview Aboriginal people.  Rather than interviewing them she ended up going on a "walkabout" with them.  Now, I don't remember all the nuances of the book, but what I do remember was that the Aboriginal people on walkabout do not take anything with them in the way of food or drink, they ate when they saw food (snake, bugs, etc.) and drank when they saw water (plants, vegetation, etc.).

What was the big take away?  For me it was that what you need will be provided.  They didn't stress about how they were going to eat, when they were going to eat and how and when they would be able to drink.  That sounded like true freedom.

Being able to roll with whatever is.  I call this the "is-ness of being."  That is no longer being in resistance to what is and not thinking that you can shape what is, just being, and being okay with whatever and whoever transpires in your life. 

I'm not saying don't have desires, have desires and many of them!  I am just saying that it is possible to have balance, purpose, joy and meaning in your life, NOW, and not have to work so hard for it or put it off until you get the car, house, relationship, work situation, etc.  Don't wait another day.  Let's hop on a call and we can discuss this and much more!  Do you have time next week?
Peace, Erin "rolling with what is" Mac

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