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Life As A Mystery

This is the time of year that many people decide to enact change.  It is customary to make New Year's resolutions to change our weight, health, to exercise more, to make more money, and on and on.  This morning during my meditation I was listening to someone who went on about the kind of changes they would like to make, not necessarily for the new year, but in life in general, and they were some of the most delicious ideas.  Here are a few of them that stuck out: 

                   -I would like every child to go to sleep with a full belly,
                   -I would like whoever I come in contact with to be better for knowing me,
                   -I would like to show everyone their value, 
                   -I would like to have more fun and experience more joy.

Then she said, and I'm paraphrasing here, that she would like to be able to handle her "problems" better to see them as contrast between what she wanted and didn't want and rather than looking at them as problems that need a solution, recognize them as questions in which she is seeking an answer.  

This is powerful! How I interpret this is that if we treat this life like it is a mystery and each moment that appears in our "reality" of it as something that we didn't "expect," then we can take the bad feelings of the idea that it is a "problem" out of the equation.  We can just be curious and wonder what's happening next vs. being attached to the idea that we know what is supposed to happen.  I believe that most our bad feelings are this very thing, attachment to people, things or circumstances needing to be a certain way so that we can feel good and when they do not show up how we want them to or how we are conditioned to believe we feel bad.  Distilled down: I need you or that to behave this way in order for me to feel good.  In this position we have given all our power away.

I believe that most people are experiencing this life as a roller coaster ride of emotions based on this very idea.  I know, I did for most of my life and now I see this life very differently.  I approach this life with wonder and curiosity recognizing that I cannot control others or circumstances and that I am in charge of my own emotional experience, and I choose JOY!  Do you want to learn how to choose joy?  Do you want to empower yourself to control the one thing that you can, how you feel?  I would love to connect and get you onto your path of joy.  Would you like to hop on a call and see what that would look like?  If so, what's your schedule look like next week?
Erin "living the mystery of life" Mac

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