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How to move forward

For the last week or so I keep thinking about all that has happened over the past 2 years.  Not because I want to go over it, I do not, but because I think that while life is getting back to more of a normal, I think maybe the experiences we've had during that time have been unaddressed and are unresolved.  One thing I know for sure is that we humans are resilient!  We roll with the punches and keep going, maybe out of necessity or maybe that's because we don't know another way?

Over this last week what I have felt is compassion for all those out there that felt like this life became a roller coaster ride of emotions.   Maybe you felt misunderstood, attacked, lonely, or confused.  You may have lost family, friends, relationships, or colleagues because of health reasons, political reasons, or personal choices?  Perhaps you were financially burdened, you lost a job, your business, or your home?  You may have been confronted with some of your greatest fears, anxiety, stress, overwhelm?  Or, maybe you feel guilt or shame because none of this happened and your life either continued to move forward or you gained or profited from the situation?  Whatever the reason for your emotions I want you to know that I feel you and understand.  What has happened was traumatic for many.

So, how do we move forward in a meaningful way so that we can heal from this experience?  We do this the same way we would heal from any trauma, by acknowledging it, getting emotional awareness around it (what does it look like, feel like, seem like), discovering what causes us to get emotionally charged (what is triggering the experience), and getting in the spectators position while being in wonder and curiosity, and doing this over and again until all the emotional charge has dissipated.  This is the healing process for all unpleasant experiences.  This is the going in to heal at the root vs. what I think most people do which is to treat each situation as though it is the root of the pain.  

Your painful emotional experiences are not situational, they are internal, and if you keep addressing them as though they are situational (Ex. the driver in front of you, your boss/co-worker/employee/client, your spouse, the stock market, your 

children's behavior,  the gas/food prices, politics, family members, your lot in life, fill in the blank of anything that happens in your life that doesn't feel good) you will continue to have them.  You can not troubleshoot the outside world.  You cannot change people and circumstances to show up how you would like, trying to do this is causing much strife in your life.  What you can do is attend to yourself by healing these not so good feeling experiences and feel good more often.  


Now, I want you to know you are not your emotions.  Your emotions are just signaling places inside that are ripe for healing, they are showing you that there is a hurt part that wants to be healed.  I think this is EXCITING!  Finally, a way to feel better more often so that you don't have to keep having painful emotional experiences!!  Woot woot!!  I know, I am a nerd when it comes to this stuff (understanding human behavior, the mind and why it does what it does, and changing it to the experiences I want).  If you  want to discover how to heal these emotional experiences come nerd out with me, learn, and ultimately feel better.  Book a chat here (  I'm in your corner.

Erin "joy slinger" Mac

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