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It Started with, "Are you okay?"

When I was 29 my boyfriend, at the time, and I had made the decision after 7 years of not getting along to involve a professional.  See, we loved each other, but we kept hurting each other and couldn't figure out why.  In the first session, about midway through, all of a sudden it got difficult to breathe, the room began to feel very stuffy and I had this sensation that I was 2 inches tall and in the corner with the walls caving in.  The counselor noticed my demeanor had changed and turned to me and said, "Are you okay?"


That was the beginning of a year long battle with an anxiety disorder that started with that moment, reached its peak at me holing myself up in my home debilitated by anxiety and rarely able to leave and ending in a homeopathic psychiatrists office one day, to leaving for Italy a week later.  It was a whirlwind and one of the best experiences of my life.  Of course, I didn't think that was true when it happened, but I now understand how exquisite the design of our lives are and how on purpose it all is.

Now, it took me another 17 years to finally bring that beast down and heal from my experiences.  It took me recreating stress and anxiety at such a level that put me in a situation where I nearly killed someone, to a divorce that completely leveled me to the point that I finally woke up!  I finally discovered why I am here, what I am meant to do, and how I am meant to experience this life and in this discovery process learned that I am meant to show this to anyone seeking to answer these questions and heal once and for all.  

Are you asking the question what is it all for?  Are you searching for purpose and meaning?  Are you tired of being in stress and anxiety?  I teach people how to overcome and prevent stress and anxiety so that you can have peace of mind, purpose and meaning in your life, NOW! What time are you available next week to chat so I can tell you the rest of the story and help you get onto your path?
Peace, Erin "joy diviner" Mac

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