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It Need Not Take a Crisis

Clients typically come to me when they are in crisis (the bottom has dropped out) or they are confused because they recognize that they are unhappy and the usual "fixes" to being happy aren't working.  Crisis we understand, "ouch!," that is painful. 

However, low levels of unhappiness, that can be sneaky to recognize.  For me, I used to spend my days going from one challenge to the next.  Any given day could look like employees not having supplies, to clients complaining, to my ex not able to pick up the kiddo, to a run-in with a customer service rep, to an issue with payroll, to a team running late to a job or not having entry access to the job, along with the to do list of personal and work activities, and sometimes that was just the morning.  More importantly, the experience of all of that was stress, overwhelm, being frantic, frustration, anger and anxiety.  Maybe you can relate?  

And, what are those "fixes" that we use? Well, the obvious ones are eating, drugs, and alcohol (these don't need to be in excess, can be a daily activity), and the less obvious are things like social media, filling our schedule so that we are busy, helicopter parenting (when being a parent becomes your identity), telling stories about why other people or circumstances made you feel a certain way to friends and family so that they can agree with you to help you feel better (victim stance).



Now, I believe that it is our birthright to be almost exclusively in joy all day, every day and that is just what I experience. You are probably thinking, "get outta here," or as my daughter and her friends like to say, "okay boomer," (FYI, not my generation, not that there is anything wrong with that.) It is true that joy can be had now and mostly, and not the experience I was having, until about 4 years ago.Here's the deal, if you do not learn to heal and grow from the challenges in your life they will keep coming, it is why we are here.  This is not doom and gloom, this is exciting, especially when you understand what is going on behind the scenes and a process to healing and growing. This is how we create joy, we wake up to what is really going on in our lives and say, "I have had enough of this ___________ (anger, depression, anxiety, frustration, stress, blah) and I want to have a better experience.  Let's hop on a chat next week so I can share with you the step-by-step process to finding and cultivating your joy daily.  What works for you?

Peace, Erin

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