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Is it HUG Time Yet?

So, one of my favorite movies is Trolls.  Yes, that's right, the animated kids movie!  Why do I love it so much? For starters, one of the first scenes is with Princess Poppy teaching a group of young trolls.  As she is talking a bracelet she is wearing pings and a flower on it illuminates and she tells them it is hug time, which I admit is great, a timer to hug each other every hour!  Now, for you non-touchy-feely folks this likely sounds like a nightmare, to me its just a metaphor for connection and scheduling humanity into your day. 

Then, one of the young trolls says, "I wish we could hug more than once an hour" and Poppy says, "If we did that there wouldn't be enough time for singing and dancing!"  (I'm paraphrasing here as, although I have seen the movie many times, I don't quite have it memorized.)  Again, metaphor for the experience I believe we are supposed to be having right now in our life, one that is in joy almost exclusively, no matter what is happening in your life.  

Trust me when I say that I didn't always feel this way, it took some challenging moments and a willingness, or more like a hammer over the head, to wake me up and realize that what I thought was going to bring me happiness continued not to (things like striving for success, money, cars, houses, things), and yet I kept striving for it.  I believe that is the definition of insanity? 

Anyway, back to the movie.  The premise behind the movie is that these humans, called the Bergens, collect trolls to eat on a special day once a year called Trollstice, because they believe that eating trolls is the only thing that can make you happy.  In the end Princess Poppy tells them, "Happiness isn't something you put inside, it's already there.  Sometimes you just need someone to help you find it."  Then, one of the Bergens says, "Do you think I can be happy?" and Poppy says, "Of course, it's inside you, it's inside all of us, and I don't think it, I feel it."

What are you trying to "eat" to make you happy? What is your "troll"?  Where are you seeking outside of yourself to feel good?  Whatever you are struggling with (your relationships, your time, your quality of life, your health, anxiety, stress, overwhelm, fear, your past, etc.), is not situational.  In order to stop experiencing things that do not make you feel good you must heal them, and that is an internal journey.  No external "troll" will make them go away.  The situation, circumstance or person is just pointing this out to you.

Does this peak your interest?  Would you like to discover how to enjoy your life now, no matter what is happening?  What's a good time to chat and sort some of this out?  This week? Next?
Peace, Erin "Princess Poppy" Mac

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