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How To Be Happy

It will surprise you!

I think if you asked most people what is the #1 thing they want in this life they would say,"I want to be happy."  I wanted this too, to "be happy." 


So, in 2014 I did a 90-day seminar in which I was to set 4 audacious goals, by audacious I mean the kind that just thinking about them made me pucker with doubt.  I was coached everyday through it and did it with a team of other professionals for further support.  What happened?  I crushed my goals, but what really happened was I began to see that my thinking was faulty.  

See, I had correlated that setting and reaching a goal was happiness, and while it does feel good to do those things, my experience was that the happiness was fleeting.  I would feel happy crossing a finish line, reaching monetary goals, and buying the new car, but shortly after it would go away.  So what did I do?  I kept setting bigger and bigger goals.  Guess what?  Happiness was fleeting there too.  What the heck?

It wasn't until years later that I learned one of the differences between happiness, which is fleeting and joy, which can be a constant experience.  Would you like to know the strategy that helped me find joy?  Have you been wondering if there is more to this life?  Let me know when you are available to chat so I can share that strategy I used and get you started on your path to joy.

Erin "here to help find your joy" Mac


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