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He Said What?

My client Brian, from my old business, used to blow my mind. When I called clients I always asked them how they were and it was his response that would just floor me.  When asked how he was, Brian would say in a boisterous and cheery voice, "I could not be better!"  See, I was that person that was totally stressed out and overwhelmed all the time, going 500 miles an hour (maybe you can relate?)

At first this threw me off.  I wasn't sure where to go in the conversation from there.  Why was that?  I think it is because we are not accustomed to people being exuberant about their lives.  Seems crazy to say because when asked I think most people would say the #1 thing they want is to be happy.

Now, that I have learned how to find my joy and cultivate it daily so that it is the predominant experience that I have, I get Brian's answer to how he is! And, that is why I teach people how to find their joy so that they can be calm, have peace of mind and meaning in their life, NOW! Don't waste another day being overwhelmed, stressed or worrying, when I have solutions to that. Let's set up a chat next week so I can explain how to be in joy, what we are here to do "the work", and how to find meaning. Looking forward to connecting.
Peace, Erin "I could not be better" Mac

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