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Finding Your Magic Again

It's crazy what we get used to.  Life unfolds slowly, so slowly that we don't even see what is happening in real time.  It's like a time lapse video.  And, all of a sudden we are in a predicament we didn't see coming.  For some it may not be a crisis, just a life lived unfulfilled, that would be me.

I mention this because I distinctly remember, prior to discovering my joy, that I would drive down the street and see a houseless person and their life looked like freedom to me.  See, I was so burdened by my responsibilities to my clients, my employees, my non-profit and the children that we touched, and my friends and family.  Not a burden that I resented, one that I wanted to live up to.  Come to find out, I am the one that put that burden on myself, I'm the one that created the stress, anxiety, overwhelm and worry.  

Now, I experience this life very differently.  I live it in joy, almost exclusively.  I am no longer at odds with it or in resistance to what is.  I don't need anyone or anything to show up how I want and I spend my days in calm, peace and wonder.  I want you to have that, too. 

In the wise words of Mr. Magorium, from the movie Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium, "Your life is an occasion, rise to it."  If you are looking to find purpose and meaning in your life and enjoy it now, find your magic again, let's have a chat.  What works in your schedule next week?  
Peace, Erin "rising to the occasion of my life" Mac

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