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Do What You Gotta Do

On a Friday, late in the afternoon, I came to check on my staff.  It was the last house of the day before the weekend and they were only scheduled to clean the exterior walkways, which were all teak.  It was a 10,000 square foot house on the Four Seasons Resort, that was built bungalow style, so every building was separate.  You can imagine there was quite a bit of decking to clean. This should have been a 10 minute check, but when I got there all of the decking had white water spots all over it.  I panicked.

Turns out the water was turned off in the house, so my staff, wanting to complete their task, used the water from the water features to clean all the decks.  Unfortunately, the water was chlorinated, hence the white spots everywhere.  I raced into town and bought all the lemon oil I could find and raced back to the house. 

For the next 2 hours five of us were on our hands and knees rubbing out the chlorine spots.  The hard work we did worked, but the worst part for me, was telling the contractor that we had screwed up.  

When I started my business I tried to make sure that we did everything right: I trained everyone, checked all the units for quality control, I was prolific in my communication with clients, I created policy and procedure and sometimes S&*% happened that was out of my control.  When that happened I would just be leveled.  I took it personally.  It would literally feel like the ground was pulled out below me.  Like it was the end of the world.

Do you ever feel that way?  Like even though you do your best to make sure that everything you do is quality and that whoever you are providing service for, get value, sometimes that's just not enough?  Now, I help people in leadership positions overcome and prevent anxiety, stress and overwhelm, so they never have to feel like I did.  I'd love to hop on a call and tell you how I help, got time next week?
Peace, Erin "on solid ground" Mac

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