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Concussions Lead to Clarity

In my old life I used to think a lot of things would make me happy: money, certain levels of success in all things (achieving things/goals) and owning things. I used to think that being busy and doing a lot of activities made for a fulfilling life, so my schedule was jam packed everyday.  I really didn't even know these were the things that I thought would make me happy, it was just ingrained in me through advertisement, the adults in my life, and for lack of a more sexy way to say it, "everyone was doing it!" 

It wasn't until I was laying in bed recovering from my second concussion in a few months, that I began to ask myself why I was doing what I was doing.  I had no idea what was motivating me, but my body had finally had enough.  At the time I was training for a half Ironman triathlon and I distinctly remember waking up and getting ready to meet my trainer, while concurrently my inner voice telling me I am exhausted and still going forth with it. 

Do you know what motivates you?  Why you do what you do?  Would you like to understand these and who you really are?  I went through most of my life chasing after things that once I got them fleetingly made me happy and not understanding who I am and why I do what I do.  Now that I understand these things I can create my life intentionally, a life filled with peace of mind, calm and meaning, what I call Impenetrable Joy.  Would you like to learn how I got the concussions and how I found my joy?  Let's chat.  When do you have time next week?  
Looking forward to connecting.
Peace, Erin "joy vs. happiness" Mac

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