Erin Mac 

Business & Executive Coach  

Mindset Workshop Facilitator

Are you too close to see the little tweaks you need to make in order to lead your industry?


As a Business & Executive Coach I unlock a leader's potential to maximize their own performance and lead their organization to success through teaching you SELF-CONFIDENCE & EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION.

I act as educator, mentor, guide, and challenger to those in executive level leadership roles, business owners and employees looking to improve their overall performance and bottom line.

You owe it to yourself, your team, and your company to get out ahead of your field.  Start now.  Work with me to obtain your next level of growth.


  • Become a stronger leader by gaining self-confidence and clear communication skills

  • Identify strengths and opportunities for improvement

  • Create a productive & efficient company culture

  • Create an aligned team for maximum results & loyalty

  • Improve communication between leadership & team

      and between departments  

  • Create clear goals, identify a path to get there and the strategies to use


What differentiates me from other coaches?

  •  15 years of business consulting as a business leader and 20 years as a business owner

  • ability to create specific strategies vs. a one-size fits all approach, for your business, industry and the team involved

  • mindset mastery-understanding how the mind works and how to re-train your brain using strategies to create wanted outcomes that have lasting results over and over again

A Look At Our Corporate Workshops

SCHEDULE A FREE CONSULTATION  |  Tel: (808) 315-9093



Through my training, you will learn tools to:

• get clear on future and desired outcomes

• Manage your emotions regardless of what is happening  

• get focused and take action

• communicate and be a leader and,

MOST IMPORTANTLY what it takes to  CHANGE, 


to create different results.

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