Erin Mac

Business Mentor

Learn how to Overcome & Prevent

Anxiety, Worry, and Overwhelm

So that you can:

  • have confidence

  • have a clear path to future aims

  • be calm now, no matter what

  • no longer be in reaction to people, circumstances and events

  • have clarity and focus

  • have work/life balance

  • be inspired and nurture relationships to inspire others

  • be fulfilled and have purpose

  • know a no fail way to start your day as a win

  • have the ability to turn your bad day around in an instant

  • learn the steps to get to "10" and create your "Next 10"​

  • activate new convictions

  • learn and master new coping techniques

  • manifest the life you have always wanted and 



Start now.  Work with me to obtain your next level of growth, quickly.  So that you can live your best professional and personal life now! 


Why me?

  •  16 years of business coaching and consulting as a business leader and 21 years as an entrepreneur (I have been in the trenches and I know a better way)

  • clients get quick, easy results 

  • easy button, step-by-step guide to getting clear, being confident, and doing it calmly.


 The Easy Button to:

  • get clear on a path to a meaningful & peaceful future

  • activate new convictions

  • learn new coping techniques to overcome & prevent anxiety, worry, and overwhelm

  • put a simple, step-by-step  plan in place to have purpose and meaning

  • figure out what is next

  • get inspired

  • learn how to get laser focused

  • work/life balance

  • be happy 




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