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Erin Mac Joy Slinger

Erin Mac

"The Joy Slinger"

Business Life Coach

Helping Entrepreneurs & Leaders Stress Less and Enjoy More

"I’ve come across - and worked with -numerous business coaches in my career. I’ve rarely met one who was as impactful in just one conversation as Erin was the first time I sat down with her."

         -Michelle B.

4.9 Google Reviews


I help entrepreneurs and leaders, like you, rid themselves of negative emotional experiences like: stress, anxiety, overwhelm, and worry by getting to the source of it so you don't have to continue to experience them on repeat.  These unpleasant emotional experiences are not situational, based on a person, event, or a circumstance. Once you understand that, where they come from, and rid yourself of them, then you can begin to enjoy your professional and personal life all day, every day! This is the work that I do, and why I am called the "Joy Slinger".

Maybe This is You?

You've had success monetarily, in your business or someone else's, you've set and crushed goals in all areas of your life, you have nice things, you aren't afraid to work hard to get nicer things, and there is a part of you that wonders if this is it.  Wonders how to have purpose and meaning in your life.  Wonders if maybe there is more.  I can relate because that was me.  I had all the things and while I thought I was happy, it felt like something was missing.  And, I often felt stressed out, overwhelmed and anxious because of all the choices I had to make and responsibilities I had.  It took three personal crises to finally get my attention and change.  Click the button below to read about them and what lead to the work I do now.

"Erin is an outstanding business/personal coach. She brings her experience as a successful business owner as well as personal life experience and coaching expertise to our sessions. This experience makes Erin very relatable, because she is speaking from experience not simply knowledge gained through study. She also has a great sense of humor, which I find invaluable...Since I hired Erin, I have seen results in my business and personal life. Business and life in general are easier because of the work we are doing together. I highly recommend Erin to anyone that is seeking tangible results in their business and personal life."

                                                      -Neal L.

So, What Are the Outcomes When You Work With Me?

I help entrepreneurs and people in leadership positions discover meaning, purpose, and tools to navigating their daily life in a way that feels great.  Imagine if you could:

  • be calm no matter what

  • have peace of mind

  • have work/life balance

  • have deep, meaningful relationships 

  • be fulfilled and have purpose

  • learn and master new coping techniques for stress, anxiety, overwhelm, and worry

  • create the life you have always wanted and 

  • Be In Joy Exclusively (well, mostly)​


"Erin gave me specific tools to overcome obstacles I was facing that prevented me from the success I desire. I was able to shift my thinking and gain perspective on the changes I needed to make. She is present, grounded, and intuitive to her audience to facilitate the mindset shifts needed to drive people to success. Highly recommend!"

                                                -Carrie S.

Erin Mac I'm Listening

Why work with me?

  •  16 years of business coaching and consulting as a business leader 

  • 22 years as an entrepreneur (I have been in the trenches and I know a better way)

  • clients get quick, easy results 

  • step-by-step guide to getting clear, being confident, and doing it calmly.

Start now.  Work with me so that you can live your best professional and personal life now! You are here because you see something for you, don't put it off.  You are meant to be enjoying your life every day.  Start now, click the button, and book a Discovery Call.

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