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Erin Mac

Executive Coach

I help stressed out entrepreneurs and executives land their next role, unlock their full potential and enjoy their journey to professional success

Discover How to Stress Less & Enjoy More

Helping Entrepreneurs & Leaders 

With Their Professional AND 

Personal Life

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"I’ve come across - and worked with -numerous business coaches in my career. I’ve rarely met one who was as impactful in just one conversation as Erin was the first time I sat down with her."

         -Michelle B.

4.9 Google Reviews


Executives new to upper management

women executives in male-dominated industries or fields

Much like having a coach in sports that teaches you strategy, how to function as part of a team, and practice things to mastery, Erin is a Coach does that for your professional and personal life. So that you can:

Reduce Stress

Focus Your Time
More Effectively 

Achieve Goals

Have More

Get Fresh, Unbiased


"Erin is an outstanding business/personal coach. She brings her experience as a successful business owner as well as personal life experience and coaching expertise to our sessions. This experience makes Erin very relatable, because she is speaking from experience not simply knowledge gained through study. She also has a great sense of humor, which I find invaluable...Since I hired Erin, I have seen results in my business and personal life. Business and life in general are easier because of the work we are doing together. I highly recommend Erin to anyone that is seeking tangible results in their business and personal life."

                                                      -Neal L.

Why Coaching?

In other words, what can I get out of this coaching, what are the outcomes?

Get More Done, Happy, Success, Purpose, Health, Work/Life Balance

The struggle is real!  Here are some of the things that I went through and my clients talk with me about:

  • Never feels like there is enough time in the day to get everything done - too much to do

  • Constantly being interrupted by employees, clients, urgent action items

  • Work too much

  • Too many different responsibilities at work or in business

  • Difficult to have hard or negative conversations with employees or clients 

  • Tough to make time for self, friends, exercise, etc.

  • Hard to separate work and personal time- not present during family time- thinking about or wanting to work, check emails/phone

  • Find employees difficult to manage

  • Feels like a roller coaster of reactions all day, every day-up and down moods

  • Overthink - don't want to make a mistake

    These can lead to stress, overwhelm, and worry.​

Start new life today
Speak to an expert, good listener, someone who has your back


What to Expect


& Schedule Next Session

Intention for sessions is for you to:


Enjoy discovering yourself through humor


Grow into the person you want to be




"Erin gave me specific tools to overcome obstacles I was facing that prevented me from the success I desire. I was able to shift my thinking and gain perspective on the changes I needed to make. She is present, grounded, and intuitive to her audience to facilitate the mindset shifts needed to drive people to success. Highly recommend!"

                                                -Carrie S.

Erin Mac Business Coach & Life Coach
Experienced Coach, Consultant, Entrepreneur, Quick results, Step-by-step guide

Why work with me?

  •  16 years of business coaching and consulting as a business leader 

  • 22 years as an entrepreneur (I have been in the trenches and I know a better way)

  • clients get quick, easy results 

  • step-by-step guide to getting clear, being confident, and doing it calmly.

Start now.  Work with me so that you can live your best professional and personal life now! You are here because you see something for you, don't put it off.  You are meant to be enjoying your life every day.  Start now, click the button, and book a Discovery Call.

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