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The First Time
"It" Happened

When I Met the Present Moment

The first time "it" happened, I was totally shocked because I didn't even think that "it" was possible.  I was at a week long seminar, on a ranch, and it was the end of the 4th day and I was exhausted physically and mentally.  About 100 of us had spent the day doing a high ropes course of physical feats that was meant to represent how we show up in our lives and as we were waiting for one of the groups to finish their last event, we were put on silence (not allowed to talk).

So, I laid down in the dirt and looked up into the cloudless sky and "it" happened.  The "it" was total silence inside my mind, peace or peace of mind.  Now, at this time, I was unaware that there was a voice in my head that was speaking incessantly, it was the lack of the voice that made me realize how loud my head had been!  Let me just say, it was heaven.  This peace or peace of mind was delightful and calm and still and I was in the present moment, that moment right then.  It went away when I returned from the ranch.

A few years later "it" came back. I had started a non-profit to help families in poverty and I was putting on the first fundraising event and the craziest thing happened, I had a moment of peace again. I had never done a charity event, had no prior knowledge how to do it, and the event I was putting together was a tennis tournament, a festival with live music and booths during the day and a gala dinner that night with live entertainment, a live and silent auction. The crazy thing was that it all came together seamlessly, with very little work and it was in my noticing that, that I experienced peace again. This time, though, I wanted to know what created that and how I could create it again and often.

It took another seven years to figure that out, but it was worth the wait. Does this story make you wonder? I'd love to hop on a chat and tell you how I discovered peace of mind and give you a strategy to finding your own. Let me know when you have time next week.
Peace, Erin "daily joy cultivator" Mac

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